Exercises and Workout Tips for Seniors

If you are past your 60s, you need to buckle up and get in shape. Even if you have passed your retirement age, it does not mean you cannot exercise and increase your fitness levels. In fact, this study reveals that physical activity benefits outweigh the potential risks, particularly in older people.

Here are a few workout tips for seniors that will rejuvenate you and enhance your mobility:

Warm-up exercises
You need to start with slow-tempo moves that activate your muscles and signal your joints to prepare for physical activity. Take it easy and perform movements that gradually relieve your stiffness. In this regard, your best choice is a workout program specifically developed for seniors and older adults that want to maintain their fitness.

The key is to practice them as often as you can. Fortunately, slow-tempo exercises are easy-to-follow and even easier to perform. You do not need special gear or workout buddies. Instead, you are only required to be determined and consistent with your intent to have a healthier body.

Don’t rush in!
After long inactivity periods, you might be tempted to rush in and perform exercises at a high-intensity level. This is a rookie mistake that many seniors make. The unfortunate side effects of such a destructive approach are muscle injuries and joint pain. Furthermore, a severe lesion may take you out for a few months, destroying your ability and your will to work out.

Try exercise routines and workout schedules that prepare you for physical activity and offer a 0% probability of suffering from an injury. Start with easy steps developed explicitly for older adults, and you increase your mobility in record time.

For example, your first few weeks of exercising should comprise mainly stretching and mobility routines.

Next, you can follow up with walking, light jogging, and even weight lifting.