Health Risks Associated with Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Recent studies have shown that alcohol can severely affect your health, whether you drink it occasionally or with every meal of the day. Here are some of the biggest health concerns that ethanol can provide.

Liver Disease
Alcoholism is the primary cause of cirrhosis – a medical condition that damages your liver to the point where it cannot function properly anymore. Doctors explain this process as one of the most damaging blows you can give to the only regenerating organ in your body. In fact, the liver fails to replace the damaged tissue with a new healthy set of cells. This illness usually results in liver failure, and it requires transplant surgery.

If you consume too much alcohol in a short period, you risk developing pancreatitis. This medical condition blocks the proper absorption of nutrients from food and damages your digestive system. More than that, the swollen blood veins around your pancreas could result in internal bleeding.

Brain Malfunctions
Alcohol abuse destroys your brain cells and makes most neurological pathways break down. These conditions affect normal behavior, communication, and orientation skills. In time, alcoholism can affect large parts of your brain, severely damaging your mental alertness and memory.

Along with tobacco, alcohol is one of the leading causes of several types of cancer. Ethanol can generate tumors in your mouth, throat, oesophagus, and liver. Recent studies have revealed that some forms of breast cancer originate in alcohol abuse.

Weak Immune System
Drinking alcohol regularly can seriously affect your immune system. This condition increases the risk of becoming infected with a virus or bacteria. In time, your body loses the ability to ward off minor medical conditions and common illnesses.