Music Therapy Does Wonders Even from the Womb

Recent studies have revealed that external factors significantly impact both the mother and the baby during pregnancy. One of them is the presence of music. Constant exposure to soothing melodies stimulates fetal development, and it helps the mother overcome the hormonal and psychological changes she is experiencing.

How Sounds Leads to Uterus Changes
New research has shown that fetuses develop their sound-processing ability early. By the time they reach the third semester of pregnancy, babies can distinguish between different sounds from the exterior.

Medical tests have revealed that newborn babies react quickly to songs, themes, and repetitive sounds that they constantly hear while still inside their mothers’ wombs. These results shed light on why children develop their cognitive features faster if they are exposed to music in their fetal-development stage.

Sound Therapy May Produce Smarter Babies

One of the most known influences of music on newborn babies is the Mozart Effect. This is based on a medical study by Dr. Alfred Tomatis, who was determined to prove that classical music positively affects brain development. His tests revealed that lab rats exposed to Mozart’s symphonies found their way out of a maze quicker than those deprived of this sophisticated therapy.

Further clinical studies have shown that human babies also react to classical music when they still inhabit their mothers’ wombs. A daily musical treatment seems to relax their in-uterus behavior.

Also, as the mother feels more serene, the oxygen flow to the womb increases and the endorphins reach the placenta easier than before. This helps both the mother and the baby to overcome the hormonal imbalance that is usually attributed to pregnancy.

Boost Womb Development with Music

Constantly listening to music will not give superpowers to your newborn baby. However, the medical consensus is that tuning in to your favorite record can improve the baby’s IQ. Moreover, it could help to enhance speech development in the first two years of life.

Another benefit of music therapy is creating a calming womb environment for the baby. This will help the newborn deal better with agitation and pain and sleep better. This coping mechanism is ideal for adequately evolving mental health and cognitive traits .