Because sometimes we want to drink whiskey, and other times we want to sample history

Fire water, water of life, sneaky pete —whatever you call it, is there a more exciting moment than opening a brand new bottle of whiskey. Is it the pure aesthetics, is it the venturing into the unknown, or is it fact that you’re about to learn something new — expanding your knowledge of a great spirit while deepening your own palate. It’s the perfect combination of personal growth paired with semi-drunken revelry.

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

― Mark Twain

One company, Whisky Loot, is not only bottling whiskey, but bottling the experience of drinking whiskey.

The escapism is real. Disconnecting from the outside world, unplugging. Taking a sip and thinking back to an era of speakeasies, velvet waistcoats and Hemingway…or maybe just Don Draper. It’s a past time that has been lost in the modern world.

This is more important today, than any other time. As historian Yuval Noah Harrari notes, “During the last century technology has been distancing us from our bodies. We have been losing our ability to pay attention to what we smell and taste. Instead we are absorbed by our smartphones.”

Whisky Loot is trying to change this. The members only club is dedicated to the purposeful, deliberate act of drinking whiskey. You need to stop. Sniff it, sip it, savour it. Focus on one single thing for a few minutes, immersing yourself in the moment.

“The light music of whisky falling into glasses made an agreeable interlude.”

Exploration is key, broadening of your horizons is paramount. That’s why this club allows you to try unique whiskey’s from all over the world. Obscure single malts, special editions, representing some of the finest whisky makers from across the UK, Japan and US, these are whiskeys that most times you can’t get at your local bottle shop.

The Whiskey Loot subscription doesn’t just leave you to your own devices with these rare whiskies. The experience encourages you to put down your smart phone and pick up your pen, with tasting notes and your own tasting notebook included.

Here is some of our finest feedback:

On the nose, there is a hint of a solvent like aroma, faintly marshmallow like, against a backdrop of sweet notes of brown sugar and caramel and hints of corn sweetness framed by a dry woody note and elements of tropical spice. The wood is more pronounced is distinctly sweeter and slightly spicier on the nose. – M.M

This is the whisky version of a ballerina’s pirouette. -J.T

Malt’s answer to Black Sabbath. Johnnie (sic) Cash in a glass. (I’m still looking for Pearl Jam in a glass…) S.H

The experience is diverse and unique but the premise of Whisky Loot is very simple: each month, you pay a flat subscription rate of $59. For that, you get three sample bottles of whisky (60ml each), taking you on a global tour around the different niches and nuances that come with fine whisky appreciation.

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