Food For Thought: Why More Aussies Are Going Flexi

The realistic way to live longer, feel better mentally and physically, lose weight and save the planet 

Diets often tell us what we can’t eat: Cut sugar. Cut oil. Cut dairy. Cut carbs. Cut red meat. If you’ve tried this approach to “healthy” eating, you likely know that it’s hard to keep it up — and the majority last for days or weeks at best before we fall back to old habits.

When it comes to food, consistency and finding a lifestyle that works for you is going to be more sustainable than a temporary diet.

The flexitarian diet is about progress, not perfection It’s a realistic approach to healthier eating without extreme measures.

A flexitarian diet substitutes a portion of beef, poultry and fish with plant-based foods without eliminating them altogether. And with a long list of health and environmental benefits Australian’s are starting to take notice (it has already taken off in US)

Health Benefits: Live longer, Weigh Less and decrease risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease

A comprehensive review of the flexitarian diet lifestyle concluded that not only does the diet improve overall health, but it also is an effective means to enhancing weight loss and body composition. Researchers point to plant-based diets containing less calorically dense foods than meat-centric diets.

Australian medical personality Dr. Zac spoke recently about the health benefits of going flexitarian

“There are a range of health benefits to reducing our meat & dairy intake, a recent Harvard study showed that swapping meat and full fat dairy (saturated fat-rich foods) with plant based equivalents such as legumes, nuts and seeds (rich in polyunsaturated fat) can reduce the risk of heart disease by 19%

Environmental Benefits: Become a Flexitarian to save the planet

Researchers at the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food at Oxford University have now suggested that “climate change cannot be sufficiently mitigated without dietary changes towards more plant-based diets”.

In 2010, the global food system emitted the equivalent of 5.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide in greenhouse gas emissions in the form of methane and nitrous oxide.

If the world switched to a flexitarian diet we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by more than half.

It would also reduce other environmental impacts, such as those from fertilizer application and the use of cropland and freshwater “by a tenth to a quarter” the report said. It takes roughly 440 gallons of water to produce a single pound of beef, while only 39 gallons of water are needed to produce a pound of vegetables.

If saving the planet and living longer isn’t enough motivation? Sure, we have a deal for you as well

With 52 percent of people trying to incorporate more plant-based meals into their daily eating routines here are their top 5 reasons

• To eat healthier without feeling I am depriving myself: 70%
• To feel better physically: 69%
• To feel better mentally: 57%
• To lose weight: 46%
• To set a good example for my children/others: 27%

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