Why are there no low-cost hearing aids? There is now…

If you have been through the process of getting a hearing aid, you’ve probably already had this experience

Hearing aid prices can range from $3000 to $8000 for a pair.  To the average American household, this is equivalent of up to 2 months of income! Its not right that only the wealthy can restore their hearing, while the financially disadvantaged need to persist with inadequate hearing, leading to a dramatic decrease in the quality of life and increased health risks to diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Have you ever pondered how on earth a few components costing at most $100, assembled in China, suddenly turn into a $4000 hearing aid? Have you ever wondered why cellphones, computers and televisions have gotten cheaper over the years but hearing aids have got more expensive?  Me too. That’s why we did some research, and what we found shocked us to our core…

Deborah Carlson, president of the American Academy of Audiology said that one of the primary reasons for the exorbitant prices is the cost of research and development. Manufacturers have spent substantial R&D resources making the devices smaller, more powerful and packed with myriads of new features: Bluetooth, wireless integration, remote controls, 20+ channels. It’s mostly because of this extensive research that hearing aids are so expensive. You’re contributing towards the decades of years spent over research, science and health studies, just to develop such a modern invention for our ears. The actual materials that make up hearing aids are only a small fraction of the cost.

But don’t listen to us, listen to Russ Apfel, an engineer who designed a technology now found in all hearing aids. He estimated that most hearing aids cost no more than $100 to make.

“The microphones, speakers and processing chips aren’t that expensive. Those devices in small volumes cost $10 to $15,”

For most of us, we don’t need all these bells and whistle’s. We just want to hear clearly again..luckily there’s one manufacturer that has realized this.

Research suggests that while the prices skyrocket, the improvements these top of the line devices make to your hearing are becoming increasingly marginal. Many argue that devices nowadays are over-engineered for the average user with mild or moderate hearing loss – It simply gives manufacturers an excuse to charge higher prices by introducing “newer and better” models

Think about it this way: if you need to get from A to B, a Rolls Royce would definitely make the ride more enjoyable than a Honda. But the Honda will get you from A to B just as well, in a safe and comfortable manner.

It seems that when it comes to hearing aids you don’t have the choice to opt for the Honda: you are forced to buy the Rolls Royce.

One Company Is Turning The Industry On It’s Head
Indeed, less expensive hearing aids are available online. At My Hearing Hero, prices are $149, a discount made possible by eliminating the middleman — the hearing aid dispenser.

Retailers/audiologists account for up to 70 percent of the final price of a hearing aid, because they factor in a bundle of additional expensive services. They have wages, rent and inventory costs to cover. My Hearing Hero has none of these, and as a result, can deliver top of the line hearing aids for significantly lower costs.

Can a $149 hearing aid really work?

It has to. My Hearing Hero is so confident, that they GUARANTEE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK! YOU TAKE ABSOLUTELY NO RISK

There confidence isn’t misguided though. Hearing Hero was designed and created by a group of engineers who worked in the space and aircraft industries. They partnered with factories that are on the cutting edge of super-high-quality miniature electronics. If you’re flying a Boeing 787, an F35 fighter jet or orbiting the planet in a Space X capsule, you have to have good communications. Your headset has to cut the noise, be loud and clear, and MAKE EVERY WORD UNDERSTANDABLE.

And to show people how cost effective they can be, Hearing Hero is offering a 55% discount on their $149 hearing aid for a limited time.

Here’s 5 things you should know about Hearing Hero

  1. It is SUPER COMFORTABLE. The earpiece fit my ear, and it fit snugly behind my ear.
  2. The sound is LOUD AND CLEAR. From the instant I put it on, I no longer had to strain to hear. No more “eh”, and “what’s that?” I could clearly understand every word that was said to me at a normal volume. That’s because HEARING HERO has a proprietary ASP which means analog signal processing. Analog waves are smooth and continuous. Sounds are amplified and delivered true to sound which makes everything intelligible and loud again!
  3. The battery lasted a really long time. I didn’t have to worry about running out of juice. And when the battery did become weak, it didn’t just die. A gentle warning indicator gave me plenty of time to recharge.
  4. There was no problem with my iPhone. Nothing sticking out of my ear, no screeches and buzzing. I could use my phone perfectly as normal! That was a big relief.
  5. There are plenty of other things if you’re a spec freak. Adjustable, multi-level ASP. Variable high grade audio amp. Microphone noise reduction. Feedback reduction. The highest grade electronic chips and aircraft-grade microphone and speakers.

If you have any kind of hearing problem at all, you owe it to yourself to try the amazing HEARING HERO.

You will hear clearly and loudly. Guaranteed or your money back. You take absolutely no risk!

Don’t spend a fortune when you don’t have to. Get the best for the lowest price.

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  1. I have severe loss in my R ear and lesser loss in my left. I wear digital in the ear aides for 14 years. The current aides are 4 years old and they have been tweeked as much as they can be. The R one screeches on the 1st channel, I still miss alot of what’s being said even in close groups. I have been raising the volume on tv higher and higher. So, my question is..will your aides help me?

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